WE have beeen working for FAS for about 2 yrs and generally its been fairly good until the last few months. About december of 2011 we started so see our checks being delayed.Just a brief summary of how they pay,work you completed this week ,you would receive payment in about 4 weeks(30 days).

Industry standard. This past week they elimated more than half of there contractors/vendors nation wide.Most of these were not contacted but found out when there work was reassigned( no explaintain given).Then when checks where to be issued(30 days after completion).They decided to with hold payment for an additional 30 days.With some investigation and contacting some of the employees at FAS.The consenus is that FAS is in financial trouble.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Yes This is all true.

I was also working for them .Just completed a 10k job.Then submitted invoices and next job came up

did that one .Had truble with a neighbor who was attached.They called and complaned saying i did this and that.with was not true all work was doc.

I recieved a email saying payment was on hold ,Called emailed no response.3 days later recieve email we are let go.Its f up.

Watch out You can loose your big time

to PA Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #657470

was working w/fas for the last 4 years, always rec'd monies due on time, until last year. Monies started coming in slower.

than BAM right out of the blue FIRED...and they are holding my back monies for 45days!!! did they finally pay you what was owed?


The company is now owned by First Service Corp. in Canada. I've heard alot of vendors now referring to the company as Fraud Asset Services.


They have lost the Fannie Mae contract so your concerns may be justified. Contract ends 7-31-2012.


could you update please.

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