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I had/am having a horrible experience with this company. In August a generic photocopied letter was left on my door to verify I lived at the property - my home for the past 8 years. Thinking it was a "cash for homes" solicitation I ignored it - big mistake on my part. A week later my fence lock was broken, my bedroom air conditioner was kicked in a my property was entered. My power was turned off to silence my alarm, drawers were rummaged... Read more

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This company posted a notice on our home. We called them and they said they could not tell us who sent them. The woman who answered (I have her name, not sure if I should write the name here) was rude, unprofessional and disorganized. They ignore no trespassing signs and will not tell you the nature of their business even though they give you their phone number to contact them! Make sure you have no tresspassing signs everywhere so they cannot... Read more

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I am a contractor who has been doing work for FIELD Asset Services for many years now. I have been asked to go bid jobs and they would pay a trip charge if we didnt get the bid, never have I seen this. I have on many instances done work that is authorized by them only to NOT get paid or get paid a lessor amount than agreed upon, even when I have it from them in a email. The practice they use is telling us to go to a rear or side door and... Read more

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Illegal eviction in Florida foreclosures: borrower beware! Illegal eviction explained You’re at risk for an illegal eviction. Tampa resident and illegal eviction victim Bruce Wernet explains. I came home to find two trucks being loaded with my personal belongings. A “lock-out” company, hired by the bank, informed me that the house was foreclosed upon, and they now were the owners of my personal property. I called the Hillsborough County... Read more

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WE have beeen working for FAS for about 2 yrs and generally its been fairly good until the last few months. About december of 2011 we started so see our checks being delayed.Just a brief summary of how they pay,work you completed this week ,you would receive payment in about 4 weeks(30 days). Industry standard. This past week they elimated more than half of there contractors/vendors nation wide.Most of these were not contacted but found out when... Read more

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We have contacted this company four times over the last couple months. Their posted notices on our rental have scared prospective tenants away at least twice. They do not have the decency to even return a telephone call and never answer the phone. In my Opinion the posting of notices on doors also makes for a dangerous robbery potential.They should be liable if homes are broken in to. Their notices indicate a property may be abandoned even... Read more

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This a Company that cover up mold in REO properties I know personally because I worked for this Company in 2008-2009 I was Fired because I refused to cover up the MOLD. This Company signs are usually on the front window or door, there's also a Vendor Work sheet on the side of the wall when you enter the property. Look out for freshly painted walls, humidifiers, and the smell of mold I have cleaned out properties and covered up mold for this... Read more

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Keenan Hogge is an assistant vice president at Field Asset Services, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company that works to enable the mortgage fraud and illegal eviction practices of big banks like their clients IndyMac (a division of OneWest Bank) and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Mr. Hogge ( works with Keith Mefford ( and Joan Mougel ( of FAS who was... Read more

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Joan Mougel is the Vice President at Field Asset Services, Inc. a so-called "home preservation" company whose clients include many big banks involved in the mortgage foreclosure and illegal eviction business. Ms. Mougel coordinates contacting companies like Monster Mowers of Lancaster, CA to illegally trespass onto unsuspecting people's properties to trash out their homes after foreclosure even though people are still residing legally in in... Read more

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